A Lobbyist Getting it Together

Have you ever seen someone and just thought, “they have their life together”?

Well, that’s definitely not me.

I’m an early-30s lobbyist for public health issues in Washington, DC, and while I absolutely love my job, I don’t quite fit the image of a high-powered lobbyist I’d like to.

Long work hours has taken its toll on my fitness and weight. (Eating a surplus of calories also probably didn’t help.) Although I’m a lobbyist, I’m in non-profits for public health, so I’m not bringing in the stereotypical six-figure salary most people think lobbyists have. In response to these two things, my fashion has been languishing, and I’m not pulling off the “powerful woman walking the halls of Congress” vibe I’d like.

So this is my attempt to become someone who has their life together, both personally and professionally. Here I document my path back to health, my journey to get my finances in order, and my fashion goals, with a little work, food, and fun thrown in there now and again.

Maybe you feel stuck in a rut too. Or maybe you’d just like to see what a DC lobbyist’s life is like. For whatever reason you’re here, I’m glad to have you!


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