What Does “Having it All Together” Mean?

img_2186.jpgWhat do you picture when you hear the phrase “they really have it together?”

For me, it’s someone who didn’t oversleep in the morning. Who works out first thing without hitting the snooze button. Who actually has time after all that to sit down and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and healthy breakfast. Who isn’t running so late that they have to take an Uber to work instead of the bus or Metro.

It’s someone who has clothes they love hanging in their closet, all tailored to fit them, and not in piles on the floor. They work diligently through their to-do list at work, and arrive at meetings looking like they could take on the world. They project an air of confidence and expertise.

After work, they might meet friends for drinks or attend a networking event. They arrive home to an always-clean apartment and actually make dinner, rather than throwing something in the microwave. They get to bed on time so they’re ready to get up and do it all again the next day.

They have their finances in order, don’t have credit card debt, and have healthy savings.

And they don’t undo everything they’ve accomplished on the weekend.

At this stage in my life, an early 30-something single lobbyist living in DC, this is who I want to be. Right now, I’m not. Working late hours and losing good eating and workout habits have made my weight an issue. None of my cute clothes fit anymore. I’m a non-profit lobbyist working on public health issues in DC (see: not great pay in an expensive city) who hasn’t managed to pay off the credit card balance I started building up when I first moved to the city and was slightly less responsible (and poorer).  Not to mention the student loans I’m still paying off.

So what’s the plan? I’m ramping up the focus on these areas of my life to get my house in order.

  • Health Goal: to lose 40 lbs. On a 5’0″ frame, it’s a lot.
  • Financial Goal: to pay off my credit card and student loans, build up my savings, and faithfully keep to a budget.
  • Fashion Goal: Somewhat tied to my health and financial goals, but to be able to fit into nice clothes again and have a wardrobe that fits both my professional and social life.

I love other aspirational blogs that show you what people who have their life in order do. But I always wish there were blogs to show you how to get there. Where are the people who are working their way to that aspirational lifestyle? What does the journey look like?

That’s where I come in. I’ll be writing about my progress on these goals here, as well as throwing in some posts about my job and life in DC. Join me as I work to revamp my life and really get my life in order.

What about you – what does “having it all together” mean to you?



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